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The exhaust system is one of the least complex systems in your vehicle, but it serves very important purposes. It takes all the toxic gases from the engine combustion chamber and converts them into less harmful gasses.  In addition, an inefficient exaust system lowers your gas mileage and costs you more money.

-  Loud noises

-  Rattling noises when starting the vehicle, accelerating the vehicle, or braking

-  Old, rusty exhaust system parts


Eliminate any weird noises produced by your vehicle

What impacts your exhaust?

-  Driving habits

-  Road conditions (salt, road spray, bumps)

-  Vehicle type

-  Age of exhaust system parts

Make sure

your car passes its

emissions test


Maintain a safe car with regular exhaust system checks.

Use our emergency or after hours service for any major problems!

The exhaust system is just one of the many parts on your car that could make strange noises. It is important to the longevity of your vehicle not to ignore such noises.


Trust our ASE certified technicians to do a thorough exam of your vehicle and fix any part of the car that needs fixing.