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Get your wheels aligned, straight shooter

Warning signs

Using our state of the art equipment, you can rely on our ASE certified mechanics to check the wheel alignment and then make the necessary adjustments. Wheel alignment should be done on every type of vehicle no less than once per year.

-  Uneven wear on tires

-  Pulling to the right or left

-  Passive pulling

-  Vibration

-  A crooked steering wheel

A pivotal puzzle piece of car maintenance

You should schedule your car for regular maintenance such as wheel alignment to maintain smooth operation of your vehicle.


Luckily, Cloverland Service Center is a full-service auto repair shop, so you can knock out your wheel alignment, as well as all other maintenance in one fell swoop.

Why is alignment important?

The alignment of your wheels is an important safety issue for your vehicle. It helps reduce the wear on tires, improves steering, and increases the overall road handling.  

Let us ensure that your wheels are aligned correctly


Reap the benefits of a proper wheel alignment on your car. 

For the full range of auto maintenance services, trust Cloverland Service Center with your vehicle.