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We Care Beyond Repair

Get a top notch brake system for your vehicle

We keep you safe, by

Your brake system is an important element in your car's safe and efficient operation. You can count on our ASE certified technicians to service the brake systems of all makes and models, including your vehicle.

-  Replacing front disc pads

-  Resurfacing the rotors

-  Bleeding the brake lines

-  Inspecting the system for leaks

-  Repairing leaks

Safer travel for those in your vehicle

The brake system is perhaps the single most important element of vehicle safety.  It allows you to easily control your car and force it to stop when you need it to.


In addition to your brake system, you want every part of your car to be working correctly.  This includes everything from your tires to your exhaust system.



Exceptional brakes

Along with your car being taken care of by quality technicians, you can be doubly assured knowing that we rely exclusively on top major brands, guaranteeing exceptional brakes.

Get brake service without voiding your warranty!


You can rest easy knowing that your brake service is top of the line!

Preventative maintenance on your brakes can keep you from needing a complete brake overhaul in the long run.

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